SKIN SERIES | Concealer Favorites 2018

SKIN SERIES | Concealer Favorites 2018

When it comes to camouflaging blemishes, I have never been a full coverage foundation type gal. Foundation rationally makes sense because it will also cover hyperpigmentation and redness, but I just don't like the idea of adding another layer over my already multi-layered skincare routine. So I stick to concealer. As a result, I have become very concealer savvy over the years.

Without further ado, my top concealer recommendations of 2018:

(1) RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up - This is my OG concealer. The one that started the obsession. The 00 shade is a fantastic match for my skin tone and the coverage is pretty seamless, meaning this concealer doesn't sit on my skin and somehow manage to highlight blemishes, rather than conceal them. My only gripe with Un Cover-Up is that it disappears after a few hours. So if reapplying is out of the question, I don't think RMS is going to do it for you. 

(2) Glossier Stretch Concealer - What I love about this concealer is that it will last the day. And at half the price of Un Cover-Up, I thought I had found my new holy grail. Unfortunately, the light shade is just slightly too light for my skin so this concealer tends to make my blemishes stand out. Not exactly the look I am going for. If one of the shades is an exact match for your skin tone though, I would highly recommend this concealer.

(3) Sappho Concealer - This makeup brand was new to me, but I'm so glad I found it because this concealer knocks it out of the park. It combines the texture of RMS with the staying power of Glossier. AND the light shade is an exact match! Plus you can't beat the squeaky clean ingredient deck. If you are interested in trying Sappho, I would highly recommend snagging this month's Beauty Heroes Limited Edition Makeup Discovery. It will give you the chance to try the life-changing mascara and CC cream as well!

As always, I have to know your favorites! What am I missing from my life??