HORMONE SERIES | How Long Do I Have To Do This?

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One of the big questions acne sufferers have after undertaking a slew of dietary changes is "okay, but when do I get to go back to eating what I want?" That's a very valid question with a not so fun answer. Never. At least not in the way you were eating before.

Here's the deal. Your current diet was not serving you or your skin. Loads and loads of carbs, sugar, and dairy are not ideal for anyone and especially not anyone dealing with an inflammatory condition of any kind. You eliminate some of that and your skin gets better so it makes sense that if you add it all back, the state of your skin will return to what it was before.

Here's the upside. I typically have clients look at their sugar, grain, and dairy consumption at the outset and then have them eliminate those foods for a short period of time (to the extent possible for each particular client). Consider this a detox of sorts. It's not forever. There is nothing I hate more than a ridiculous, unsustainable diet that eliminates everything under the sun. What this "detox" period allows is for each client to gauge their particular sensitivity to sugar, grains, and dairy as they re-introduce them into their life. Maybe you find that eating a doughnut every single morning is out of the question, but a few square of dark chocolate every night and ice cream once in awhile don't have much of an effect on you.

Those are the answers you have been searching for.

So no, your diet won't look exactly the same, BUT you will likely find that indulging from time to time works for you and your skin. That's what I want for you!

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