ROOT CAUSE | Finding the Balance

ROOT CAUSE | Finding the Balance

At their most basic, illnesses and inflammatory conditions in our bodies represent an imbalance of some kind. They are signaling to us that we need to make changes in order to find our personal equilibrium again. We have way too much in column A and not enough in column B. Though these imbalances seem to pop up overnight, they have been brewing for some time. Our bodies are robust and amazing at dealing with the toxins we dump into them and slather on them every day, but at some point, enough is enough. When we reach our breaking point, imbalances appear.

Our typical response to an imbalance is to pour more into column A. We fight fire with fire. Take acne for example. If we start with the premise that microbiome dysbiosis is at issue, then attacking the skin with antibiotics (topically and internally), stripping cleansers, and drying treatments will only serve to exacerbate the issue. At the same time, simply ignoring the skin and the ongoing dysbiosis will do nothing to remedy the issue either. It's about finding the balance. You need to give your skin the proper care and nutrition that it needs to heal without overdoing it. Your natural inclination will be to overdo it. A balanced approach will yield soft, plump, healthy skin in the areas where acne isn't present and offer you a glimpse of what your skin will look like when it clears up! 

This balanced approach is not just about topical skincare either. A balanced approach to diet will land you somewhere between deprivation and indulgence. You don't need to eliminate all of the foods that you love, but they also can't be a cornerstone of your diet. When we are talking about whole foods, there aren't any "bad" foods, but the right balance for you might involve fewer grains and more healthy fats, for example. Approach diet from a place of curiosity and experiment when you feel ready. You might be clinging to your eggs and Half & Half for dear life today, but tomorrow you might be willing to see what life without them is like. If you make changes on your timetable, they are more likely to stick.

It's also important to find the balance in areas of self care and stress management. The balance between constantly doing and meditating 24 hours a day. Spending time in silence or meditating or breathing is vital for achieving a healthy mindset. A shift in mindset can move us towards our most authentic selves and help to build feelings of self worth. By the same token, spending too much time in our own heads can lead to overanalyzing and become its own form of paralysis and stress. It's about finding the balance. The balance between doing and being. The balance between aggressive confrontation and repressing our true thoughts and feelings. 

Finding the balance in life can temper restless seeking and inspire activity when we feel overwhelmed to the point of inaction.

The goal is contentment.

Use that as your guide and you'll find the balance!