HORMONE SERIES | The Happy Ending

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I was recently speaking with a pretty popular manifestation advisor who you may or may not be familiar with and we touched on a topic that has been holding me back in life and is probably holding you back as well. The idea of perfection and fixing ourselves. The idea that if we follow these four steps our hormones will be beautifully balanced, our skin will clear up, and we will never have any problems ever again. And that's complete and utter crap. We cannot control everything that is going to happen in our lives. Sometimes stress happens. Sometimes we go out to lunch and eat all the bread (especially if that place is Union Loafers for all you local St. Louisans). 

And because I bought into this ideology that there is some illusive end goal where all of my problems would magically disappear and I would be this glowing goddess of health, I held back on this Journal, I held back on Instagram, I held back from sharing anything real about myself. Because I wasn't ready. I wasn't perfect enough. My skin was still breaking out. Therefore, I had nothing to offer you. 

I even realized that as a health coach I was feeding into this "fixing" mentality. You come to me because you want to be fixed. You want your happy ending. But the problem with that is two-fold: 1) hormone balance is a life-long journey and 2) I can't fix you. I can provide you with support. I can offer you tools. But I can't give you a prescription for health.

And it finally dawned on me that I don't want to. You are enough as you are right now. You are beautiful as you are right now. Breakouts, dark spots, whatever. You do not need to fix yourself. You do not need to hold yourself to some miserable diet that you hate. (EAT THE GLUTEN.) You do not need to run 10 miles every day on the treadmill to be "skinny." You need to learn to respect, appreciate, and love the woman that is standing before you in the mirror. Just as she is.

That is what I can offer you.

With that in mind, big changes are coming! I still love writing about hormone balance and skin care and providing you with the knowledge and tools that I've gained on my own healing journey. But there is no pressure. No fear. Just support and encouragement. 

And breathwork. Oh yes, the breathwork is coming!!