SKIN SERIES | Dry Skin Remedies

SKIN SERIES | Dry Skin Remedies

In my previous post, I mentioned lower estrogen levels leading to dry skin. I didn't want to leave you hanging so this post is all about ways to hydrate, soften, and plump! It's important to address any chronic skin condition both internally and externally. Topical remedies can be incredibly targeted, while dietary and lifestyle changes will provide the lasting results you are craving. 

So let's dive in!

Internally, I want you to focus on fat, especially Omega 3 fatty acids. Getting as close as possible to that 2:1 Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio is key. Limiting processed foods will go a long way towards that goal! If tons of wild caught salmon is not in the cards, take a quality fish oil supplement. Additionally, include healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, and nut butters with every meal. I also recommend using a humidifier in the colder months if you live in a dry climate. (I used my humidifier like crazy while living in Chicago!) 

Externally, think about replenishing key nutrients that your skin has lost, specifically naturally occurring lipids and your skin's natural moisturizing factor. The natural moisturizing factor is a collection of water-soluble compounds "essential for appropriate stratum corneum hydration, barrier homeostasis, desquamation, and plasticity."[1] Layering oils and balms is only part of the equation. Your skin wants humectants, ceramides, and other vitamins and micronutrients. Seek out both water and oil-based products. Some people's skin is happy with a spritz of toner followed by a facial oil or balm, but I prefer to strategically incorporate water-based serums and facial oils. 

Remember that adequate hydration is also key to clear skin as it helps to balance sebum production. Additionally, dry skin typically indicates compromised barrier function, which can result in dysbiosis of your skin microbiome leading to more breakouts. 

A few of my favorite products for replenishing and sealing in moisture include: 

  • MV Soothing B3 serum + Barrier Restore Serum + Barrier Lipid Complex - Mix two pumps of each serum with three to five drops of lipid complex in your hand, smooth over skin, and RADIATE. The price tag on this trio is not for the faint of heart, but it's unicorn level magic. I apply this combo after my retinol every night! (Don't feel like you have to use these together. Each one is great on its own!) 
  • HOG Rosa The Beautiful Cream and/or Moon River Balm - If you prefer a creamy moisturizer, Rosa is great. If you are more of a balm gal, Moon River is exceptional. I have a fondness for shea butter and really like it for dry, irritated skin. You can use either to seal in all of your serums at night OR apply Rosa during the day and Moon River at night. 
  • DE Protini Polypeptide Cream - If plumping lines and wrinkles is a goal alongside hydration, this moisturizer is absolutely fantastic. It's pretty lightweight so if you like a little heaviness to your moisturizer, this will probably leave you craving a little more. If that's the case, you can think of Protini as a layering product or go with something else entirely! 
  • Laurel Eye Serum - I have loved this eye serum for years now. It is exceptionally hydrating and never, ever finds its way into my eyes (the worst, right??) I'm also very, very intrigued by this eye serum and plan on purchasing it next. I will report back with my thoughts! 
  • MV Micronutrient + Hydro Mask - This is the mother of all hydrating potions. You can use it as a quick mask or an overnight treatment. In the winter, I was using this every single night as the last layer in my nighttime routine, but as the weather warms I will likely only incorporate it as needed.  

The above picks are some of my favorites, and admittedly pretty pricey. Don't feel limited by these choices. When shopping for products, remember that richer creams loaded with silicones do not necessarily equal more hydrated, healthier skin. Lightweight serums loaded with hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5, and ceramides coupled with facial oils and perhaps just a light kiss of balm to seal everything in is all you really need to replenish Sahara-dry skin. Don't go nuts with products. It's all about strategic layering. 

Need one-on-one insight and advice, book a session. I’m here to help!!