STRESS SERIES | Mirror, mirror

STRESS SERIES | Mirror, mirror

When our skin is misbehaving, the mirror has a way of activating our ego like nothing else. Our mood can change in an instant. The worst part is that a visit to our friendly mirror is one of the first actions that we take each morning. If we see a new blemish forming, discoloration, or any sign of imperfection then the name-calling, insecurity triggering, downward spiral begins. We can do one of two things - break the cycle or keep feeding our ego's ability to make us feel crappy about ourselves. Remember that healing our skin is a process that can sometimes take months or years. You are not going to waste that time feeling like you are less than. 

A simple way that we can do this is by limiting our time in front of the mirror. Set a timer on your phone for the minimum amount of time it takes you to wash your face, slap on moisturizer and SPF, brush your teeth, and run a comb through your hair. That's it. No more mirror time. All that time you spent picking, prodding, and poking is all time that you have back now. You're welcome. Another great technique is to turn the lights down in the bathroom when you are getting ready for bed at night if that's available to you. This makes it much more difficult to micromanage your skin. 

I'm not telling you to avoid mirrors entirely because that avoidance has a way of triggering insecurities as well. The mind is tricky. I just want you to be mindful about the amount of time you are spending in front of the mirror each day. 

Let's take things a step further by beginning each morning with a meditation meant to capture that elusive feeling of beauty that seems to evade us on a daily basis. I highly recommend listening to the kriya (or mantra) Desiree suggests to accompany the meditation. The Eka Mai mantra is meant to deconstruct patriarchal conditioning, which includes feelings of competitiveness with one another. 

My hope is that over time your brain will be swirling with positive, radiant feelings about yourself, rather than bogged down by draining, limiting beliefs about your own worth and  beauty. 

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