ROOT CAUSE | Checking In With The Gut Microbiome

ROOT CAUSE | Checking In With The Gut Microbiome

I know it’s been awhile since we’ve talked about the gut microbiome, but I wanted to spend a sec discussing the importance of microbial diversity. A recent study published in the journal Cell found that almost immediately upon moving to the US, immigrants’ microbial diversity decreased. In fact, the prime plant fiber digester, Prevotella, disappeared completely. Researchers hypothesize that this loss of diversity may explain the rise of chronic diseases in Western society.

It may also factor into chronic skin conditions like acne.

You may be curious as to how exactly the gut and acne are connected. First and foremost, the gut is an important mediator of inflammation, both locally and systemically. New research is suggesting that acne is primarily an inflammatory disease with inflammation being a major player throughout the entire life cycle of a pimple. I’ve discussed ways to tackle inflammation in The Journal before so head to this post to brush up.

Additionally, gut health matters in terms of nutrient absorption. You can have the cleanest diet and take all of the supplements in the world, but if your gut health is compromised you may not even be absorbing any of those nutrients. Vitamins A and D, Omega 3s, and zinc are particularly important for skin health. Proper absorption is critical.

So what can be done to boost microbial diversity and gut health overall? First and foremost, it’s important to bump up your plant intake and reduce consumption of sugar, processed foods, refined grains, and animal products. (Note that I did not say eliminate. Don’t strive for perfection; just do the best that you can.) Second, consider supplementing with turmeric, berberine, and probiotics. Finally, get outside, pet a few animals, and avoid antibiotics to the extent possible.

These small tweaks will go a long way towards boosting the diversity in your gut and reducing your acne. Win, win!

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