Piqued, No. 3 | This Week’s Fresh Finds

Piqued, No. 3 | This Week’s Fresh Finds

Is it hot where you are? It’s downright blazing here. I’m committed to my nightly walk in the park with the fam, but it’s been getting shorter and shorter. It just has to be long enough for me to enjoy my coconut butter cups. Priorities. Luckily, the extra time spent indoors has allowed me to explore everything from organic lingerie to an intestinal cleanse. Enjoy!

I am a huge Caley Alyssa fan and am this close to pulling the trigger on her new course.

These leggings are pretty fantastic. I need them. 

Considering a cleanse using this, this, and this.

This tinted moisturizer is my jam!  

Cleaning up my feminine care products

Going organic with my underwear as well. 

Have a great weekend!