PIQUED, No. 2 | This Week’s Fresh Finds

Image via Pineapple Supply Co.

Image via Pineapple Supply Co.

This week has been a little crazy (planning/cleaning for Lola’s first birthday while taking care of a sick Lola, sigh), BUT I did find time to make some new recipes, crack open a new book, and salivate over the wellness community’s latest and greatest food finds. 

All about these fat balls

This article is helping me fight the urge to constantly try new products! 

Seeing this coconut yogurt everywhere and it looks so good! 

I have always appreciated essential oils, but then I read this book, and now I’m inspired to DIY my cleaning products, diffuse 24/7, and make a meditation blend. 

Found this thought really inspiring. 

I’m obsessed with Golden Milk Lattes recently and this blend sounds particularly delicious. 

I don't need any protein powder right now, BUT I stumbled upon this brand and I really, really want to try it! Why does that always happen?? 

See you next week!