PIQUED, No. 1 | This Week's Fresh Finds

PIQUED, No. 1 | This Week's Fresh Finds

I always dig when people put together weekly data dumps chronicling everything that has piqued their interest that week SO here’s mine. This week’s data dump touches on everything from unicorn beauty butter to what’s on my digital bookshelf. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this wellness ride!  

Kelly LeVeque's approach to diet and health is spot on

I love when one new obsession leads to another

A little pricey, but I'm finding it hard to resist the allure of unicorn coconut butter

Just finished this fantastic book (a great read even if herbs aren't your thing!) and I'm already deep into another

Introduced this and these (day and night, respectively) to my skincare routine and they have been game-changing for my hormonal acne.  

An update on the Alligator smoothie - swap out regular old spirulina for this.