Piqued, No. 4 | This Week's Fresh Finds

Piqued, No. 4 | This Week's Fresh Finds

Over the past month or two I have done my best to stick to my tried and true products. The essentials. My skincare, supplements, and superfoods are all working for me right now. That being said, my normal inclination would be to seek out things that might be just *that* much better. However, this has a tendency to make me feel, well, less than. Why can't we as human beings just leave well enough alone?? Accept our happiness. Revel in it. Why must we always muck it up?? I'm tired of it.

Rant aside, the following are a few of the purposefully limited discoveries that I have been loving lately:

These protein bars were a complete surprise for me. They are more crumbly than chewy, but I really, really dig them. 12 grams of protein, 14 grams of fat, and only 2 measly grams of sugar. Yes, please!

Speaking of protein, this is my new favorite protein powder for morning smoothies. Best of all, you can find it at Target! 

I think I have listened to every single podcast that Lacy Phillips has been on recently. I especially liked this episode. Her approach to reprogramming smallness and limiting beliefs really resonates with me. 

These fancy schmancy shoes made out of recycled bottles are currently topping my Christmas wish list. 

This lip balm in Suji Red is the PERFECT red. I love using the Essential Balm underneath to amp up the moisture. 

I am a breathwork believer. After completing a training workshop in L.A. this summer, I can honestly speak to how truly transformative the practice is. I would love to book a session with this lovely lady. She has been a longtime inspiration.