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hormonal Attunement

Hormonal Attunement

With a society focused on the male 24-hour hormonal framework, women are too often left believing the false notion that their period problems are normal, inevitable, and impossible to treat. That’s just not true! With an emphasis on the belief that food is medicine, my goal is to address the root cause of your symptoms to help you achieve real, sustainable, and lasting health and vitality.  

Areas of Focus:

  • PMS
  • PCOS
  • Irregular Periods
  • Infertility 
  • Blood Sugar / Sugar Cravings
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Brain Fog
  • Sleep Concerns

15 Minute Chat (Complimentary)



Initial Consultation - $115
(60 minutes)


Let's get to know each other! During this discovery chat we will touch on your history and goals, while discussing my program basics. Before we dive any deeper, it's important that we understand one another's expectations to determine if this is a good fit!


The initial consultation allows me to get an in depth understanding of your history, your concerns, and your hopes for your health. I will email you a short health history form prior to our meeting to help facilitate our discussion. During our consultation, we will chat about specific dietary strategies to begin taking that address the hormonal issues that are plaguing you. We will typically touch on the topics of digestive support, external toxins, and food sensitivities. Perhaps most importantly, we will begin tackling the stress in your life and outline specific lifestyle modifications to make. Following our session, I will provide you with a summary of our discussion and my recommendations via email.   

The sessions are held in person for those local to Saint Louis, Missouri or via FaceTime or Skype. If you would prefer an email consultation, please reach out to me at and I would be happy to set that up. 


Targeted Follow-Up Visits - $85
(45 minutes)



These sessions address any nagging dietary, hormonal, and/or digestive challenges or other questions that arise on your healing journey. During these visits, I will outline further actions you can take to troubleshoot whatever issues are still coming up for you. I will also be available by email for any questions related to your unique, advanced protocol.